As a teenager Daniel’s dedication manifest itself as both a singer and bass player in several
Philadelphia area jazz and rock bands. In 1982 he started taking dance classes at the
Jazz Dance Center under the tutelage of Roni Koresh of the Koresh Dance Company and Jean Ann Hughs.
It was there that he developed his love for dance and his subsequent passion for creating music for dancers.
In 1986 Daniel and Adam Goldman started an audio production company called Audiomind,
where he produced many local artists as well as an R&B album written by Adam Goldman called Friends.

Daniel Bacon has written, produced, recorded and performed music for various projects for
NFL Films, dance companies such as The Koresh Dance Company, health care industry video,
television commercials, visual art exhibitions and film.
Dan has performed with WellStar (electronic soul), Big o Dizzy (progressive rock),
Hale Allan (progressive rock), and Loose Change (Hip hop).

Daniel is currently playing bass and singing back up vocals with Sierra Hurtt and The Portudelphia Project.

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